This guide is prepared for potential contributors to the CESASS website articles:

* Posts received in the form of solid and in-depth analysis of Southeast Asian social studies with three main focuses, namely 1) Development of Communication and Information Technology in Southeast Asia, 2) Political, Social and Cultural Transformation in Southeast Asia, and 3) Social Welfare in Southeast Asia . The topic of expansion of the three foci was also accepted as long as the writing was able to bring elements of novelty and show a comprehensive analysis with the support of data-based arguments that can be accounted for. Meanwhile, the article clusters consist of 1) Media and Communication, 2) Education, 3) History & Culture, 4) Politics & International Relations, 5) Law & Human Rights, 6) Economy & Social Welfare.

* Posts must be original and have never been published in other media.

* Each author may submit more than one article and each writing can consist of more than one author.

* Each article consists of 1000-2000 words

* Posts are written in MS Word format (doc / docx) on A4-sized pages, 1.5 spaces, Caliber 11 pt fonts, and normal margins. * Citation and citations are written in the latest APA Style framework, as well as in writing the reference list. Please note that all forms of use, mention, and citation of information and data (including images, graphics, tables, and others used to support writing) are entirely the responsibility of the author. Therefore all sources used in the writing must all be stated and clearly stated in the bibliography.

* Posts are sent to with the subject & file name “Contributors of CESASS Writing Author Name”. Also attach a brief CV, scan your identity and bank account number.

* The writing is fully owned by the author, but if the supporting illustration is not provided by the author, it will be handled by the CESASS. CESASS will contact the author if they intend to use writing for purposes outside the website publication.

* Each article published will be given the appropriate honorarium. Honorarium will only be paid per article and not calculated according to the number of authors in one post. Honorarium will be transferred to your account after your writing is officially received and ready to be published.

* Every provision that has not been written in this guide is communicated together with the principle of information disclosure.