SEA-Gate: Southeast Asian Culture and Language Training


The founding of ASEAN Community will surely bring many challenges and opportunities. This requires a greater commitment among stakeholders to facilitate a shared cultural understanding that bridges the creation of regional communities characterized by caring and solidarity. Regional openness resulting from the integration process also offers various challenges and competitions. Without activating the capacity of people in such process, it will be difficult to realize or benefit from ASEAN Community.

Since 2005, Center for Southeast Asia Social Studies (CESASS), Universitas Gadjah Mada has created Indonesian language and culture training programs for foreign students under the scheme of In-Country Study Program. In 2009, this program had evolved into new program called In-Country Indonesian Language Training Program (Indo-Gate). Subsequently, since 2012 SEA-Gate (Southeast Asian Culture and Language Training) emerged as a priority program at CESASS UGM.

The SEA-Gate Program offers various opportunities for students, researchers, diplomats, workers, businessman, and general public to increase their capacity to understand Southeast Asia and  Indonesian culture and language in particular.


  • Developing advanced Southeast Asian culture and language skills, particularly for research and academic purposes
  • Increasing and expanding knowledge about Southeast Asian studies
  • Providing intensive intercultural interaction
  • Increasing participants’ familiarity with Southeast Asian culture, such as films, folk, stories, local music, and others.


  • Those who want to learn the language of Southeast Asia (especially Indonesian) and learn about society and culture in Southeast Asia
  • Undergraduate and graduate students who have academic interests in Southeast Asia
  • Researchers who want to study Southeast Asia
  • Entrepreneurs who want to have business connection in Southeast Asian countries
  • Participants are not limited to those who come from Southeast Asian countries. Students from all countries are welcome to apply. Application process for SEA-Gate program can be carried out through their universities network that affiliated with CESSAS UGM or direct application to CESSAS UGM.


This program consist of 3 levels with 4 linguistic skills (reading, grammar, writing, and listening & speaking).

  • Level 1: beginner
  • Level 2: intermediate
  • Level 3: advance


The SEA-Gate Program is facilitated by qualified lecturers and tutors as well as delivered with comprehensive approaches:

  1. Practice
    Training sessions are going to improve the participants’ abilities in Southeast Asian culture and language skills, with emphasize on linguistics aspect of language in reading, grammar, writing, & speaking and listening.
  2. Discussion
    This activity encourages participants to discuss any issues in Southeast Asia particularly its cultural dimension.  The material will be delivered in Indonesian while English will only be used as supporting language to clarify complicated sentences that are not understood by participants.
  3. Thematic Tutorial
    In the tutorial session, participants will have more opportunities to learn Southeast Asian culture and language skills and increase their knowledge of local culture through interaction with local communities during their visit to cultural and historical sites. If necessary, participants can make arrangements for additional tutorial assistance outside the program.


  • Social and cultural studies in Southeast Asia
  • Maintaining interactive skills
  • Active discussion and presentation
  • Research training and practice
  • Thematic tutorial


We have competent teaching staff for The SEA Gate Program. They have excellent teaching skills and extensive experience with Southeast Asian Languages and Studies. Our tutors consist of high-quality Universitas Gadjah Mada students who have experience in facilitating participants to increase their knowledge of the Social and Cultural aspects of Southeast Asia through academic activities on campus as well as social activities in the local community.


Southeast Asia culture and language training program for general purpose.

Southeast Asia culture and language training program for specific purposes such as research, business, work requirements and others.

This program is comprised of learning Indonesian culture and language as well as visit to cultural sites to experience the culture at first hand.

This program aims to assist high school students in learning Indonesian language and culture. High school students from all countries are welcome to apply.

In house training is a program of culture and language training of Southeast Asia countries which is conducted at universities/institutions abroad. CESSAS UGM will send a representative or teacher to be involved in that programs. Duration, content and date of the training can be adjusted upon request.


Final registration date is November 20th

Final registration date is April 20th

Final registration date is May 20th


This course is designed to provide student with basic level skills and knowledge of Indonesian language and culture. The material will include reading, grammar, speaking and listening, writing comprehension, and common expressions in relevant situations for daily life communication.

Continuation and development of basic level with more complex materials. Student will learn any topic related to Indonesia in particular and Southeast Asian context, through reading, grammar, writing, and speaking and listening materials.

Continuation and development of intermediate level with more complex text. Students will take an active role in selecting materials and discussions. Students also can express their opinion about Southeast Asian issues through any tasks, such as reading comprehension, presentation, writing article, and others.



4 weeks (total 50 hours)


Language classes: 20x @90 minutes

Cultural classes: 5x @90 minutes

Tutorial: 5x @60 minutes

Exam for each each subject @60 minutes


  • Modul
  • Seminar kit (incl. program book)
  • Certificate
  • Transportation (arrival and departure)

Tuition Fee

USD 1,126/person/level

(excl. city tour/field trip**)


8 weeks (total 92,5 hours)


Language classes: 40x @90 minutes

Cultural classes: 10x @90 minutes

Tutorial: 10x @60 minutes

Exam for each each subject @60 minutes


  • Modul
  • Seminar kit (incl. program book)
  • Certificate
  • Transportation (arrival and departure)

Tuition Fee

USD 1,809/person/level

(excl. city tour/field trip**)


12 weeks (135 hours)


Language classes: 60x @90 minutes

Cultural classes: 15x @90 minutes

Tutorial: 15x @60 minutes

Exam for each each subject @60 minutes


  • Modul
  • Seminar kit (incl. program book)
  • Certificate
  • Transportation (arrival and departure)

Tuition Fee

USD 2,491/person/level

(excl. city tour/field trip**)

*Schedule and duration can be personalized

**Field trip/city tour min. xx person (IDR xxx/person/1 round)


Complete a handwritten admission form (download).

Complete online registration here and attach the following documents:

  1. A scan of completed admission form
  2. A passport photo with blue background (less than 2 MB)
  3. A scan of passport (colored)
  4. A scan of academic transcript (for students)
  5. A scan of Indonesian language test results (if available)
  6. A scan of nomination letter from university/institution (if available)
  7. Curriculum vitae

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