SEA Movie

SEA Movie is free movie screening displaying films related to Southeast Asia and a discussion after the movie. As we believe that a movie can be an effective media to raise people’s awareness about social issues, the audience of SEA Movie will participate to engage in an academic discussion. CESASS has been hosting several movie screenings. In 2016, a 2013 Singaporean movie, “Ilo Ilo” directed by Anthony Chen was screened. CESASS invited Dyna Herlina (Lecturer of Communication Studies , UNY), and Ros Amirah (student at NUS) to be speakers in the event. On 20th to 24th of June 2016, SEA Movie also hosted the Malaysian Movie Week (MMW), “Mengintip Tetangga.” On the last day of the event, Dr. Budi Irawanto became the speaker in the discussion. During the MMW, SEA Movie proposed five Malaysian movies, namely; Sepet (Yasmin Ahmad/2005), Rain Dog (Ho Yuhang/2006), Songlap (Effendy Mazlan and Fariza Azlina Isahak/2011), Bunohan (Dain Iskandar Said/2012), and Kala Bulan Mengambang (Mamar Khalid/2008).

In collaboration with Minikino, a community movie from Bali, CESASS organised a movie screening, “Indonesia Raja: Yogyakarta” in August 2016. In the event, Minikino and CESASS presented four short movies; Semalam Anak Kita Pulang (Adi Marsono/2015), Nilep (Wahyu Agung Prasetyo/2015), Sasi Takon (Wawan Sumarmo/2015), and Bawang Kembar (Gangsar/2015). While in 2017, CESASS hosted SEA Movie Open Programme and its theme was “Borderless on Screen.” CESASS dedicated this programme to support short film production that raises issues concerning Southeast Asia. Many participants attended the event. Most of them were young directors from Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, and Myanmar. 

Previous Events

[SEA Movie 2017] Borderless on Screen

Center for Southeast Asian Social Studies Universitas Gadjah Mada successfully held SEA Movie 2017 program titled Borderless On Screen on 8-9 August 2017 in the audio room of Institut Français Indonesia (IFI-LIP), Yogyakarta. The event lasted from 09:00 to 16:00 ...

[SEA Movie 2016] Indonesia Raja-Yogyakarta

SEA Movie in cooperation with Minikino held a screening with title “Indonesia Raja: Yogyakarta”. Indonesia Raja itself is a Minikono program in the form of interregional collaboration between regions / cities in Indonesia conducted periodically, 1 (one) time each year ...

[SEA Movie 2016] Malaysia Film Week “Mengintip Tetangga”

How far do we know our neighbors? Neighbors are probably the closest people who actually keep the enigma and do not prejudice. But, cinema can help you uncover our nearest neighbor’s curtain: Malaysia. There are five movie options that can ...