A Southeast Asia Short Film Festival

Auditorium Institut Français Indonesia Yogyakarta
December 12 & 21-22, 2018


SEA Movie is a film screening program that focuses on film discourse in Southeast Asia. Film is an effective medium for raising awareness about sharing issues and phenomena in our society. Through film screenings and discussions, SEA Movie encourages audiences to realize the situation as a community of nations in Southeast Asia and to understand social problems in the region. In addition, films in an academic lens can be an interesting topic to make useful discussions.



Realizing the importance of space can draw together discourses produced by filmmakers in Southeast Asia. Based on the above mentioned, Center for Southeast Asian Social Studies (CESASS) Universitas Gajah Mada initiated SEA Movie. This is based on the awareness that film is an important element that can be used to understand the political, economic, social and cultural conditions of the people in the region. We hope that this screening will generate new thoughts and discourses on the existence of the Southeast Asian community. Short films from filmmakers in Southeast Asia selected based on the results of curation are not only seen as a medium that is able to provide a picture of reality, but also able to present criticism and discourse to form the ASEAN community that has been mutually agreed upon.



  • Filmmakers may send more than one short films.
  • Filmmakers must fill in the registration form.
  • Filmmakers will get official notification when public screenings after the festival are held.
  • Registration and submission are closed on October 30, 2018 11:59 p.m. (GMT + 7).
  • Registration is open to the public in Southeast Asia.
  • Short films registered are films produced by individuals or groups.
  • Short films registered will be archived by CESASS UGM.
  • We don’t charge registration fees.



  • Festival themes are youth, technology, and disaster.
  • Categories are fiction, documentary, and animation.
  • Duration must be less than 30 minutes including credit-title.
  • Format must be .mp4 /.flv /.avi /.mkv.
  • Frame size must be 720p and or 1080p.
  • Subtitles in English must be included, including short films that use English language introduction.

Submission methods are:

  • online (include link to cloud storage (Google Drive*/OneDrive/Dropbox) or YouTube) to seamovie.pssatugm@gmail.com.
  • offline (sending files on DVD) to CESASS UGM**.


13:00-14:00         FILM SCREENING

  • Dahan yang Rapuh, Bunga yang Tumbuh (Alessandra Langit/2018)
  • 15,7 KM (Rian Apriansyah/2018)
  • Kertas Merah (Revin Palung/2018)


14:00-15:00         DISCUSSION

  • Vissia Ita Yulianto
  • Hardiwan Prayogo



14:45-15:45         OPENING & FILM SCREENING

  • For the Sun (Iqbal Ariefurrahman/2016)



16:00-17:00         FILM SCREENING “YOUTH”

  • The String (Sani Yudha Febriani/2017)
  • Dendang Bantilang (M. Ikhwan Muharram/2018)
  • Gowok: The Ins and Outs of A Woman’s Body (Steve Masihoroe/2018)
  • In Middle of The Blackhole (Daniel Victory/2017)
  • Senjaduka (Imam Syafii/2018)


17:00-18:00         DISCUSSION “YOUTH”

  • Suzie Handajani
  • Meike Lusye Karolus



18:30-19:30         FILM SCREENING “PHILIPPINES”

Minikino “S-Express 2018: Philippines”

Programmer: Francis Joseph “Oggs” Cruz

  • Sorry For The Inconvenience (Carl Chavez/2017)
  • Contestant #4 (Jared Joven, Kaj Palanca/2016)
  • Astri And Tambulah (Hui New/2017)
  • Dory (Beverly Ramos/2017)


19:30-20:30         DISCUSSION “PHILIPPINES”

  • Ayu Diasti Rahmawati
  • Meike Lusye Karolus


13:45-14:45         FILM SCREENING


14:45-15:45         DISCUSSION

  • Festival Film Dokumenter
  • Ajeng Chandra Purnamasari



16:00-17:00         FILM SCREENING “DISASTER”

  • Errorist Of Seasons (Rein Maychaelson/2017)
  • Once Upon A Time in Yogyakarta (Dwi Saputro/2017)
  • Under Wraps (Ibnu Hasan/2017)
  • Yuwana Mati Lena (Ghina Rahimah/2017)


17:00-18:00         DISCUSSION “DISASTER”

  • Muhammad Rum
  • Andi Awaluddin



18:30-19:30         FILM SCREENING “TECHNOLOGY”

  • Rancak! (Stefani Guscia/2018)
  • Lahir Di Darat, Besar Di Laut (Steven Vicky Sumbodo/2017)
  • Yang Tetap Tegak Berdiri (Dony Putro Herwanto/2018)
  • Spoilt Milk and A Boundless Memory (Ryan Sebastian/2017)


19:30-20:30         DISCUSSION “TECHNOLOGY”

  • Muhammad Zamzam Fauzanafi
  • Meganusa Prayudi Ludvianto


20:45-21:15         CLOSING & FILM SCREENING

  • Pesan Sang Samudera: Catatan dan Harapan 10 Tahun Tsunami Aceh (Mahruza Murdani/ 2014)


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Click here to download PDF file for SEA Movie 2018: Catastrophe, Captured. program book.

Click here to download PDF file for SEA Movie 2017: Borderless on-Screen program book.