Chit-Chat with Prof. Cherian George

Just as the rain stopped, Prof. Cherian George, a professor in the Communication Department in Hong Kong Baptist University, stepped into the office of Centre for Southeast Asian Social Studies (CESASS) Universitas Gadjah Mada (23/11/2017). This visit of a Singaporean ...

Workshop on Investigative Journalism in the Post-Truth Era

In the digital era, invasion of fake news and hoax are densely correlated with political interest which has caused uneasiness towards journalist scholars. At this time, the study of investigative journalism becomes suitable to be further discussed in order to ...



Narrowing ICT Development Gap to Foster ASEAN Integration

The importance of ICT has been increasing time by time. Seeing the ICT development throughout the times has been affected the development of other sectors positively. Furthermore, ICT development enables the easier and faster cooperation and integration of other sectors ...



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