SEA Gate: Southeast Asian Language Program


The establishment of the ASEAN Community will surely bring many challenges and opportunities. This requires a greater commitment among stakeholders to facilitate a shared cultural understanding that bridges the creation of regional communities characterized by caring and solidarity. Regional openness resulting from the integration process also offers various challenges and competitions. Without activating the capacity of people in such a process, it will be difficult to realize, or to benefit from the ASEAN Community.

The SEA Gate Program at the Center for Southeast Asia Social Studies (CESASS), Universitas Gadjah Mada, offers various opportunities for students, researchers and the public to increase their capacity to understand Southeast Asia. The SEA Gate Program provides several program packages including the Southeast Asian Language Course (Indonesian) as the main learning blocks.



  • Developing advanced Southeast Asian Language skills, specifically for research and academic purposes
  • Increasing and expanding knowledge about Southeast Asian Studies
  • Providing intensive intercultural interaction
  • Increasing participants’ familiarity with Southeast Asian culture, such as films, folk, stories, local music, etc.



  • People who want to learn the language of Southeast Asia and learn about society and culture in Southeast Asia
  • Undergraduate and graduate students who have academic interests in Southeast Asia
  • Researchers who want to study Southeast Asia
  • Entrepreneurs who want to have business relations in Southeast Asian countries



The SEA Gate Program is facilitated by qualified lecturers or tutors and is carried out with comprehensive approaches:

  1. Practice. Training sessions are to improve the participants’ abilities in South East Asian Language skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing)
  2. Discussion. This section brings participants to discuss Southeast Asian issues in general and culture specifically. The material will be delivered in Indonesian while English will only be used to clarify complicated sentences that are not understood by participants
  3. Thematic tutorial for Indonesian. In the tutorial session, participants will have extra opportunities to learn Southeast Asian Language skills and increase their knowledge of local culture through interaction with local communities during their visit to cultural and historical sites. If necessary, participants can make arrangements for additional tutorial assistance outside the program.


SMART System

  • Social and Cultural Studies in Southeast Asia
  • Maintaining interactive skills
  • Active discussion and presentation
  • Research training and practice
  • Thematic tutorial



We have competent teaching staff for The SEA Gate Program. They have excellent teaching skills and extensive experience with Southeast Asian Languages and Studies. Our tutors consist of high-quality Universitas Gadjah Mada students who have experience in facilitating participants to increase their knowledge of the Social and Cultural aspects of Southeast Asia through academic activities on campus as well as social activities in the local community.


The SEA Gate Program offers language training as a main program and additional learning blocks.

The duration of the main program will last for 50-100 hours of meetings and discussions per level.

Duration 50 – 100 Hours, 4 (four) – 8 (eight) weeks per level

(1 level = 100 Hours contains Basic 1 & 2 / Intermediate 1 & 2 / Advance 1 & 2).

Private: USD 1000

2 – 5 Participants: USD 800

˃ 6: USD 700

  • Program fee
  • Module
  • Dictionary
  • Cultural trip to Borobudur Temple, Prambanan Temple, Sultan Palace and Malioboro (Available for two or more participants)
  • Snacks and drinks
  • A buddy
  • Library
  • Multimedia classrooms
  • Wi-Fi

Participants will be facilitated to achieve the objectives of learning Southeast Asian Languages through fun activities inside and outside the classroom. In class, they will learn to master the main aspects of South East Asian Language skills (writing, reading, listening and speaking). Meanwhile basic tutorials will be given to enrich their knowledge of daily expressions and cultural life of Southeast Asia.

During the training, participants will be encouraged to communicate in Indonesian and be accompanied by native speakers. Thematic material for discussion and tutorial is formatted in language modules, including audiovisual (film) material.

Applicants must fill out the application form available at The application must be accompanied by:

  • A copy Passport
  • A copy of academic transcript (for students)
  • A copy of Indonesian language test results, if available
  • Current authorization letter from the academic institution of the employer
  • List of the latest curriculum vitae (CV)
  • A completed application form

Applicants will be notified of the results of their application by mail (by post or email). Successful applicants will find details and procedures for registration in the notification


Applications must be directed to:

Center for Southeast Asian Social Studies (CESASS)

Universitas Gadjah Mada Gedung PAU UGM, Sayap Timur Lt. 1

Jalan Teknika Utara, Barek, Yogyakarta Indonesia 55281

Aditya Indra or

+62 856-2856-767